Jack up Barge

With the jack up barge lift technology, be more precise and save time for your geotechnical investigations up to 30 meters water deep

Magma International is the only geotechnical group in Africa to have its own self-elevating platforms sized and equipped for aquatic, marine or river geotechnical works.

Platforms available in every part of Africa

For Magma International, only aquatic boreholes made from a fixed benchmark can guarantee precise measurements and provide reliable geotechnical tests, regardless of the constraints: wind, swell, tide, current or lapping. MAGMA owns jackup fleet for your projects:

-  CHINGUITTY Jackup, upto 30m water depth

- CARTHAGE Jackup, upto 17m water depth

-LAAYOUN Jackup, upto 8m water depth

- Amphiby boat TERANGA, from top of beach upto 6m water depth

Financial risk covered by Magma

Magma International is the only structure offering to its customers a secure commercial package.

It combines the costs of surveys and those of platforms to limit the risks related to the rental period of platforms.

Types of investigations
  • Core Drilling
  • Pressuremeter, SPT, CPT
  • Water tests: Lugeon and Lefranc
  • Environmental Diagnostics
  • Geological studies
Fields of applications
  • Harbours developments
  • Dredging and material surveys
  • Foundations of engineering structures
  • Rejectors, pipelines, cable landings and pipes
  • Environmental Diagnosis
  • Geological studies

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    For over 15 years, the Magma Group has been the leading private geotechnical laboratory in Africa.

    The company has the latest generation equipment required for the laboratory activity for buildings, roads, engineering structures, industrial and mining constructions.

    We are the only laboratory to own a jack up barge for geotechnical studies in the Maghreb and Africa Regions

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