Geotechnical Boreholes

Perform every type of boreholes and drilling and measure your drilling parameters to guarantee optimal quality and safety.

Magma International has a wide range of drills to meet the varied needs of projects in terms of depths and diameters, up to 400m deep and 5 inches diameter.

Boreholes up to 400m deep

Magma International offers the full range of standard drilling techniques in European and American systems.

It is able of drilling:

  • in the air, 
  • to the mud,
  • to the auger,
  • to progress: OD-ODEX, rotostaff.

Le personnel de Magma International œuvre sur les machines dans des conditions de sécurité optimales et ne compte aucun accident sur les 5 dernières années

With Magma, ensure quality drilling & testing

Thanks to the OD-ODEX technique, the Magma Group can intervene in backfill zones (riprap, rock fill, etc.) in order to drill holes aimed at reaching the natural soil.

To date, the Magma Group is one of the few in Africa to use this technique to serve its customers 

  • Core drilling (single, double, triple corers)
  • Pressiometric soundings (with automatic recordings on GEO-BOX) for low or high pressures.
  • Destructive air probes (OD-ODEX) for rock fill.
In-situ tests
  • Pressiometric tests
  • SPT Tests
  • Site Scissometers
  • Phycometers
  • Dilatometers
  • Water tests (Lugeon, Le Franc, etc...)

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    For over 15 years, the Magma Group has been the leading private geotechnical laboratory in Africa.

    The company has the latest generation equipment required for the laboratory activity for buildings, roads, engineering structures, industrial and mining constructions.

    We are the only laboratory to own a jack up barge for geotechnical studies in the Maghreb and Africa Regions

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